Splunk search commands

chart, timechartReturns results in a tabular output for (time-series) charting
dedup XRemoves duplicate results on a field X
evalCalculates an expression (see Calculations)
fieldsRemoves fields from search results
head/tail NReturns the first/last N results, where N is a positive integer
lookupAdds field values from an external source
renameRenames a field. Use wildcards (*) to specify multiple fields.
rexExtract fields according to specified regular expression(s)
searchFilters results to those that match the search expression
sort XSorts the search results by the specified fields X
statsProvides statistics, grouped optionally by fields
mstatsSimilar to stats but used on metrics instead of events
tableDisplays data fields in table format.
top/rareDisplays the most/least common values of a field
transactionGroups search results into transactions
whereFilters search results using eval expressions. For comparing two different fields.