Import existing passwords – Transfer passwords from chrome to keepass

Settings > Autofill > Passwords > View and manage saved passwords in your google account

Click the hyperlink you’ll see as above

Click on Export and you’ll get a warning message as below

This will ask you to locate the file location. The format will be a CSV file

Head over to Keepass

Click on File and then Import

Click on Google Chrome passwords csv

Locate the Password exported database you downloaded, double click to select and then click OK. This will almost instantly populate all the password data and be visible on screen. Now you can click on File, Save to retain the copy.

TIP: you will know that any changes/entries input into Keepass have saved once the Asterisk in the window menu dissapears

Example: Data that is not saved which has an asterisk in the title

Example: Data has been saved which removes the asterisk

Once you are sure that database is saved you should delete the downlaoded database on your machine which is probably in Downloads unless you specified a different file path. You can also delete the passwords from your browser as well.